Is chirurgical castration a legitimate tool in the treatment of dangerous sexual deviants?

In order for a director to speak against the Czech Helsinki Committee Lucie Rybová a sexologist Petr Weiss of surgical castration in the Czech Republic, which as of the last countries in Europe, this method still used.

“It has been shown that surgical castration is not more effective than other humane methods, such as chemical castration or psychotherapy.”

“Even after surgical castration patients relapse, it is additionally a method irreversible, inhumane, unethical, which is also held by the International Association of experts in sex therapy.”

“The fact that the attitudes of doctors and lawyers to castration may be different, requires further negotiations. However this does not take place.”

“This issue should be discussed by the relevant authorities of our state, even before the government will send a formal opinion. If you know, at this moment was not material sent to either the Ombudsman or the bodies of the Council for Human Rights, which push the Czech Republic showed that this method is effective and safe.”

“We do not deny that surgical castration has an impact on reducing recidivism. The point is that, according to experts of the Council of Europe, there are other alternative methods that are as effective and simultaneously have serious adverse effects on the health of the patient, such as osteoporosis, mental problems, increased suicidality. It is a hormonal therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy, thus influencing the patient’s attitude to the committed offense.”

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