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Czech helsinki committee is co-operating with several subjects (NGOs, network etc.) abroad. We would like to inform more about their activites so below we will publish in our limited capacity some of the news. If you want to know more please go to their website (see chapter membership network).

Hungary’s Shocking Ravage of Human Rights and Democracy: Targeting CEU and Turning Asylum Seekers Away Are Links in The Same Chain

The current situation in Hungary causes deep concern of international civil society and human rights groups. AEDH point-blank condemns the government’s arbitrary policies and calls on the European community to take action against Hungary’s outrage upon human rights and democratic … Continue reading

The Czech Helsinki Committee Assisted visits of children with parent in prison reflected by ERASMUS interns

The Czech Helsinki Committee (CHC) is a nongovernmental organization which main purpose is to monitor and to protect human rights, with a particular attention for vulnerable groups (children, elderly, minorities etc.). CHC is also working with children with prison … Continue reading

The AEDH Newsletters (December 2015 – April 2016)

AEDH Newsletter n°284 – April 2016 – AEDH Newsletter n°283 February/March 2016 – AEDH Newsletter n°282 – January 2016 – AEDH Newsletter n°281 – December 2015 – … Continue reading

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