Hijab at school? We do not mind, said most Czechs

Girl with the Muslim hijab, a scarf that covers her hair only, would in classrooms and public areas bothered to 58 percent of Czechs. The burqa and niqab but they are not so tolerant. Quite tolerant, but cautious approach shares the Muslims and their faith, most Czechs. Seventy percent of them think that Muslims should be able to follow the values and regulations of the Koran, but under the condition that it does not violate Czech law and fundamental values. Only a minority of respondents (36 percent) believe that there should be stricter action against all Muslims indiscriminately and prevent them from immigration. Conversely, the majority of 54 percent is only for the control of individuals, are likely to include radicals. According to a survey on the relationship between Czechs to migration, foreigners and Islam, which for Czech Television developed by Median.

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