Fair decision: unjust fine to refugee family withdrawn

Estonian authorities have repeatedly imposed financial penalties on asylum-seekers who cross the border irregularly. But  this move by Estonian  authorities is against international law. In 1951 joined  Estonia the Refugee Convection, which means that asylum-seekers, who are coming from a territory where their life or freedom was threatened, cannot be punished.

To this fact already drew attention the Estonian Human Rights Centre and recently helped a refugee family who were fined for irregular border crossing, by submitting a claim for damages to the state. The Estonian Human Rights Centre provides legal assistance to asylum-seekers and refugees also on other matters – for example more than 40 asylum-seekers and 20 beneficiaries of international protection have been provided legal counselling this year.

Source: https://humanrights.ee/en/2018/08/fair-decision-unjust-fine-to-refugee-family-withdrawn/?utm_source=Newsletter+in+English&utm_campaign=8463eef2f0-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_12_27_COPY_03&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_13383dd7fa-8463eef2f0-211885965

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