Facebook blocked the website of hate groups in the Czech Republic do not want Islam

Facebook profile hate Islam group in the Czech Republic do not want is available from Monday afternoon. Page 163 thousand fans blocked Facebook itself.

It’s not the first time that the page was blocked by xenophobic groups. Facebook had already sealed the 2014, after the removal of certain allowances hate it, then re-enable it. It is possible that Facebook will still do even now, after administrators will remove the offending messages, Facebook page again released.

Why not blocked Facebook page unclear. Server Lidovky.cz speculated that blocking may be related to the prosecution of the leader of the group Martin Teapots. It was at the end of last year, accused of inciting hatred.

Server Reskept.cz argue that the reason could be the publication of e-mails stolen from the account of Prime Minister Sobotka.

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