European Committee against Torture of the Council of Europe insists on the abolition of castration

According to the report of the European Committee against Torture evaluation inter alia Czech state prisons and psychiatric hospitals, some prisoners complained of violent treatment, racist insults and humiliation by prison guards. At the same time the report notes that some of the investigative links received complaints of prisoners. “In custody in Brno by inspectors, most prisoners did not have no complaints, but some came with allegations that sounds menacing. For example, the detention with learning disabilities were forced to dance, bark, eat grass and drink water from a bucket. In addition, the committee domestic prisons and a medical facility addresses a series of complaints. For example, like five years ago, and now insists on the abolition of castration for sex offenders. At that time, while the Czech Republic responded negatively to the fact that it comes about in certain cases, by adequate means. “I think in this area can be assumed similar debate, ie not too positive. But hard to say whether this challenge Czech hear or not. Minister for Human Rights, Equal Opportunities legislation and Jiří Dienstbier (CSSD) will now have many meetings with the relevant departments and difficult to predict what the results will be, “said his spokeswoman Jarmila Balážová.

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