European Court of Human Rights: The offense in internet discussions operator is responsible for site

European Court of Human Rights confirmed on June 16, 2015 the responsibility of the operator of an Internet portal for offensive comments of its users. Judgment in the case of large Estonian news site might have an impact on the functioning of the portals in all member countries of the Council of Europe, which include the Czech Republic.

The Court today ruled in the case of a dispute about abusive and threatening comments on portal Delfi, one of the most visited news sites in Estonia. By anonymous users on him in 2006, they insulted ship operators to local islands, which left the route in winter, breaking through the ice-breaker. Impeding the emergence of cheaper and less time-consuming routes for cars after heavy ice. Transport company operating ferries portal sued. Estonian courts had vindicated, and in 2008 the portal Delfi imposed a fine of 5,000 Estonian kroons (about 8700 CZK).

Legal representatives of the news site with the courts shielded the freedom of speech. According to the judges of the European Court of Human Rights but did not delete the portal Delfi offensive comments quickly enough. They did so because the request to the transport company six weeks after the publication of the article, under which it appeared.

Today’s verdict of the European Court of Human Rights (against which it can not be appealed) could have an impact on the operator’s website in all 47 countries of the Council of Europe. Its members, besides the 28 European Union countries as well as Switzerland, Norway, Turkey and most countries in Southeast and Eastern Europe, including Russia and Ukraine.

A similar verdict was killed already in the Czech Republic. The court punished the first time racism in internet discussions under the tabloid articles on the server Parliamentary sheets. The action on the publisher OUR MEDIA Municipal Court in Prague succeeded Jaroslav Suchy deduce yet non-final for insulting anonymous discussion 150,000 crowns.

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