Proposal for an ePrivacy Regulation: protecting the right to privacy in the EU

In April 2016 the EU passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with the new of latest technological advances and their implications on privacy of individuals. The tool is aimed at introducing advanced protection of personal data and electronic communication of European citizens. So far the Regulation is to be adopted by Member States.

AEDH highlights that in order to reinforce the protection of fundamental rights, harmonization of legislation and coherence with the GDPR, another legislative step is to be done. Regulation on ePrivacy and electronic communications is seen as a tool to extend scope of privacy protection. Experts claim that it the Regulation will also protect trade secrets, prohibit wifi tracking and tracking walls, block third-party-cookies as well as access to information for third persons. Besides, the new legislation will cover operation of over-the-top services such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

At the moment the Regulation is remaining on the hearing-and-discussing stage. On 11 April the LIBE Commission organized a hearing on this proposal to prepare a report including different concerned actors’ opinions.

AEDH is tracking the progress of adoption of GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation.

To read AEDH’s layout of GDPR implementation by Member States:

For expert opinions on the ePrivacy proposal:

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