Inhuman and Degrading Treatment Complaint Against Belgian Prime Minister

On May 30, reported the compliant that The Belgian League of Human Rights (LDH) filed accusing the justice minister and the prime minister that it is quite clear that the government does not care about the living conditions of detainees in its prisons. In a letter addressed on May 11 to all members of government, described the tragic situation the detainees of the Forest prison were currently facing: detainees have spent half an hour in the prison yard only three times within the last two weeks; they are not allowed to receive visits; their linen is not being changed; and the overall condition of the prison is dilapidated.

The only concrete response by the government, through the minister of justice, was to deploy the army to Forest prison and other penal institutions, with no prior training. Quite a questionable measure. As all legal remedies have been exhausted, the criminal complaint is the only remaining tool available for the LDH to place the government face-to-face with its obligations.

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