Hungary’s Shocking Ravage of Human Rights and Democracy: Targeting CEU and Turning Asylum Seekers Away Are Links in The Same Chain

The current situation in Hungary causes deep concern of international civil society and human rights groups. AEDH point-blank condemns the government’s arbitrary policies and calls on the European community to take action against Hungary’s outrage upon human rights and democratic values shared by the community.

Dominique Guibert, President of AEDH, points out that for years the rights of asylum seekers and migrants have been cynically disregarded which has been numerously reiterated by the UN. Now the anti-democratic approach has been legitimized with adoption of notorious laws. Concerning migration, the latest comprehensive set of amendments to Hungarian asylum laws, adopted on 7 March, allows for the blanket detention and summary expulsion of asylum seekers.

With submission of the draft law the draft law ‘on the Transparency of Organisations Receiving Foreign Funds’ to Hungarian parliament on 7 April 2017, the government is aimed at targeting organizations and institutions promoting human rights. Particularly the law was drafted with the view of Central European University that actively stands against refugee expulsion policies of Hungary.

Together with other INGOs AEDH submitted a joint letter to the European Parliament urges for immediate reaction of the EU to start investigations of the situation in Hungary and impose sanctions on the country. By activating Article 7 (1) TEU the European Union will pressingly demand from Hungarian government to repel notorious laws and ensure that all members of the European Union defend the role of civil society in promoting open societies that respect and protect human rights and the rule of law.

To read the joint letter to the European Parliament:

For the statement of President of AEDH on the situation in Hungary follow the link:

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