COPE’s Spanish Memorandum of Understanding as model for Argentinian advocacy

COPE has received some exciting news from Plataforma NNAPES (the group of 10 organisations across Latin America and the Caribbean working with and on behalf of children with imprisoned parents). The Argentinian-based members of NNAPES, ACIFAD (Families of Prisoners Association) and CWS (Church World Service) alongside the People Deprived of Liberty´s office of the National Ombudsman, and the “Procuración Penitenciaria de la Nación” have been spearheading the creation of the first ever national roundtable to respond to the needs of the estimated 110,000 children of imprisoned parents in Argentina.

Within the framework of this initiative, the abovementioned organizations decided to start using the Spanish translation of COPE’s Memorandum of Understanding as a template for creating a similar document in Argentina. Plataforma NNAPES aims to address the issue of children of prisoners, and bring their rights and needs to the forefront of regional and national political agendas. NNAPES has been very active at the local and regional level carrying out awareness-raising and advocacy work.

The original Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on children of imprisoned parents is a signed agreement between the Italian Minister for Justice, the National Ombudsman for Childhood and Adolescence and COPE’s Italian member, Bambinisenzasbarre, concerning the protection and promotion of the rights of children with imprisoned parents. This is a huge milestone, not only for Bambinisenzasbarre, but for the COPE network as a whole. The Italian original has been signed in 2014 and it will be reformed within 2016.

The child protection actors, judicial bodies and other relevant players that formed the roundtable in Argentina met for the second time in late April. They all received a copy of the Memorandum and committed to read it and evaluate how it can be adapted to the Argentinian context, in order to elaborate a document that can adapt to the need of this concrete Nation.

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