ENAR denounces calls for tougher border measures by Member States as latest attempt to further legitimise violence against migrants

In a new attack against migrants, Ministers of 12 Member States call for tougher border measures against migrants. ENAR responds and calls for EU accountability.

ENAR slams the lack of EU accountability on policies and on Member States’ violent practices that contribute to the dehumanisation and criminalisation of irregular migrants.

Karen Taylor, Chair of the ENAR Board, said: “We know that many of the … Member States fail to protect migrants under the need of international protection. We are deeply worried that these efforts … will only dehumanise migrants further and legitimise continued violence against them.”

Alarmingly, there have been persistent reports of dehumanising treatment, which consistently abrogates migrants of their right to asylum and immediate protection, and indicates that border control operations are not in line with European fundamental rights and with the EU Action Plan Against Racism.

Karen Taylor concluded: “The European Union … turns a blind eye when it comes to the violence and abuse of migrants at our borders. These double standards only reinforce the existing perception that racialised people do not belong in Europe. The EU must do more to protect society’s most vulnerable. EU leaders must … hold Member States accountable.”

For more details, follow the link below: https://www.enar-eu.org/Statement-ENAR-denounces-calls-for-tougher-border-measures-by-Member-States-as

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