Volunteer who helps to refugees has been facing investigation for neglecting her children

Volunteer Iva Zahradníčková who helps to refugees during the migratory crisis mainly in the camp Idomeni, whose muslim friend was recently stabbed and taken to hospital, is under supervision of the state authorities. Currently the state authority the Office for Legal Protection of Children (OSPOD) investigates her, whether she is not neglecting here children when she is helping the refugees.  We can not speculate whether an investigation warranted by OSPOD is rightfully or it may be a politically-motivated activity at a time when a large part of society is negatively tuned against Islamic culture in general and refugees. It is sad if this would be a motivation, though not only from direct order, but certain forms of self-regulation and self-censorship, evident in the media or in undemocratic countries.

More here: http://www.novinky.cz/domaci/400882-aktivistku-si-kvuli-pomoci-uprchlikum-pozvala-socialka.html

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