On 29. 3. 2016 CHC secured first group assisted visits by children for mothers in Svetla nad Sazavou

A team of staff and volunteers, including the director of the Czech Helsinki Committee Lucie RYBOVÁ yesterday came with a children placed temporarily in foster care in Svetla nad Sazavou to ensure personal contact with the mothers of children who are now in prison. Wishful and joyous reunion after months of separation was attended by a total of 13 children and five mothers. The youngest child was last September two years old, the oldest 16 years old.

Visits to children participated in the escort personnel (educators) of these five facilities: the Children’s Center Cologne, Children’s Home Hrotovice, creche Budkov, Kangaroo FOD in Zatec and creche Boskovice. For cooperation, helpfulness and support to children and mothers from all accompanying personnel and the management of these facilities warmly on behalf of children and mothers, thank you.

During the meeting, in addition to lunch with the children, mothers and staff held consultations with three other women who also need to provide personal contact with the children.

Participants of the meeting was passed among other major positive news, and that thanks to the financial support of the MLSA project “Children of incarcerated parents” from which it is paid transporting children from their homes into prisons, visits children in existing and new rolling basis until the end of the year interval of 1.5 months. Other assisted visit is tentatively scheduled for the first half of May.

After the visit she met with the director of CHC prison director Mgr. Long to come together to discuss not only the present but also the future of this project. They agreed on, the area of ​​NGO activities and similar projects aimed at restoring and maintaining family links between children and convicts need to intensively develop and systematically solve and support, as proven not only contribute to the fulfillment of the rights of the child to have contact with a parent, but also rehabilitation and to reduce recidivism.

As one of the major barriers that CHC sees the realization AN limit is a maximum of three hours per month for convicted contact with the family. In the case of realization of AN and the convicted person in a given month to choose between visiting the child and other people visiting relatives.

Another problem that is light but successfully solved gradually, it is not always on the child and family needs the mode and amenities visiting rooms in prisons. Often this situation leads to the fact that prison visits prevents particularly the smaller children per parent.

Also, because on April 7, 2016 CHC arranges for support staff from Usti Region first Educational Seminar, this year for social workers and staff of the care of children whose active support for the successful development of the project is necessary.

For more information about the project and about the possible involvement in assisted visits provide Mg. Lucie Rybová: tel .: 602 646 940, e-mail: lucie.rybova@helcom.cz.

More awareness about other planned activities in this project can be found at: http://www.helcom.cz/cs/co-delame/dalsi-aktivity/vzdelavani/

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