Discussions on Czech Television on the show “Have you say” on the topic: We have a fear of violent psychotics among us?

CHC director Mgr. Lucie Rybová appeared on 18 June 2015 in a discussion program on Czech Television “You have the word” which warned that people with mental disorders are themselves the victims of an incorrect system of mental health care. Worsening of mental illness resulting in death of innocent people or completed suicides persons with mental illness could prevent emergency mobile teams and other field service professionals, who besides taking care of the health status, help the sick person to solve problems related to employment, housing, leisure time, or by establishing and maintaining contact with the family or neighborhood. Remain unresolved problems in these areas, according to L. Rybová leading cause deterioration of the health condition of a person with mental illness. Without the active support of around a person with a mental illness is little chance of problems to cope alone. Creating a registry of potentially dangerous mentally ill people is therefore only a formal solution and can prevent tragedies, when a person with a mental disorder in the attack of somebody attacks.

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