It is a long-term, significant human rights activities CHC, which are funded through the expensive and time-limited Projects. Because it is a systemic problems, can not be satisfactorily resolved in the short term, one-year funding. Often succeeds only to highlight these issues, outline their solutions to prepare amendments to legislation like. To successfully solve the problem CHC has sufficient financial and human resources, and therefore at the end of financial support from the state or foundation becomes a matter of called “sleeping” (completed) project and it depends on circumstances that will allow it to return to the issue.

Outline of existing human rights problems in the field of civil, political, social, rights to health care, the rights of different population groups (children, seniors, disabled, …) that would be appropriate or necessary to solve by the State directly or financial support non-profit organizations such like CHC, processed Annuall report on the human rights situation in the Czech republic. Success rate of solving human rights problems can be identified by comparing Reports from previous years.

News in projects and in activities

The project on raising the legal awareness of Roma has a new website

Our project aims is producing a kit composed of a reference book, a trainer’s guide and educational video clips. This reference book is addressed to Roma communities including a diversity of profiles (settled, travelling, migrant). It will be completed by a trainer’s guide addressed more specifically to trainers and volunteers working with Roma communities to help them to convey the information of the reference book and improve their interventions. More info … Continue reading

Czech Helsinki Committee is engaged in awareness campaigns to promote the rights of children, entitled “It was not my crime”

Czech Helsinki Committee is engaged in awareness campaigns to promote the rights of children who have parents in prison called “Not my crime,” organized Childrens Prisoners of Europe. More information about the campaign can be found at: … Continue reading

In June there was the fourth-assisted visit children’s homes for mothers serving a sentence in a prison in Svetla nad Sazavou

Czech Helsinki Committee held on 23 June for a fourth-assisted visiting children from orphanages who have mothers in prison. Visits were attended by a total of 8 children from Klokánek in Žatec, from children’s home Budkov, the Children’s Home Boskovice and the Educational Institute Place. Children arrived accompanied by their governesses and child behavioral. The youngest child was four years old, the oldest child participant 15 years. Children and mothers … Continue reading

On 24. 2. 2015 implements CHC first visit assisted children from orphanages and foster families in prison in Svetla nad Sázavou in 2015

Today will be the first visit of assisted children from orphanages and foster families in the women’s prison in Svetla nad Sázavou in 2015 with the participation of our mediators Mrs. Dana Vrabcova. This visit may take place only with the support of AK Pokorny and partners, which provided funding for CHC fare payment to children and their escorts for their mothers, including the cost of lunch together, which is … Continue reading