It is a long-term, significant human rights activities CHC, which are funded through the expensive and time-limited Projects. Because it is a systemic problems, can not be satisfactorily resolved in the short term, one-year funding. Often succeeds only to highlight these issues, outline their solutions to prepare amendments to legislation like. To successfully solve the problem CHC has sufficient financial and human resources, and therefore at the end of financial support from the state or foundation becomes a matter of called “sleeping” (completed) project and it depends on circumstances that will allow it to return to the issue.

Outline of existing human rights problems in the field of civil, political, social, rights to health care, the rights of different population groups (children, seniors, disabled, …) that would be appropriate or necessary to solve by the State directly or financial support non-profit organizations such like CHC, processed Annuall report on the human rights situation in the Czech republic. Success rate of solving human rights problems can be identified by comparing Reports from previous years.

News in projects and in activities

On June 21, 2016 was successfully held the second visit of children assisted in prison Velke Prilepy

CHC children and their escorts secured and paid for transportation from foster home to the prison, while a representative of CHC Lucie Rybová children escorted to the prison, where they assisted during the visit. Visits Prison Prilep participated in four children aged 2 to 13 years and two convicts mother. Thank guards’ prison for the kind assistance to children and staff when entering the prison and the prison management for … Continue reading