What next after the murder in Paris?

Murders in Paris has firmly entered our consciousness and the first shock of them are behind us. Now the obvious question: “What next, how they react?”

First, “Just do not be afraid!” Says Roman Joch. Now, while all solidarizují with murdered journalists and cartoonists, but it is important that we endured. They were murdered because of freedom of thought, speech, of expression and cartoon humor. At this freedom on which our civilization, we must not resign.

There is no one righteous reason why in a free society just one religion and its founder and doctrines were not allowed to be criticized and satirized. That would be unworthy of a free people.

But exactly this recommendation put a muzzle and encase self-censorship in the past offered many editors and politicians. Let everyone decide how he wants, but some of us to free thought and expression never resign.

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