On 10. 5. 2016 CHC organized a second-assisted visits of children to meet their mother in the prison Světlá nad Sázavou

This year, for the second time, children that are now placed in orphanages or in foster families had an opportunity to meet with their mothers in prison in Světlá nad Sázavou. Three new mothers and four children participated in the current meeting. In this occasion the CHC staff managed contact of total 14 children from different parts of the Czech Republic in the age 4-16 years.

The assisted visit lasted three hours, during which children with their mothers exchanged a lot of information, for example about their achievements in school. Thanks to sponsorship from individuals the CHC ensured to kids toys, snacks, sweets, and lunch. Mothers devoted attention to the creative abilities of their children and most of them painted to their mothers a picture for a memory. And yet in this second visit, it was possible to observe the positive effect of regular meetings between mothers and their children. Mother´s motivation to see their child leads them to proper behavior and desire to start a new life after their return from the prison. The regular children contact with their mothers is a benefit for their psychological development.

The nannies accompanied the children from the following facilities: Children’s Home Hrotovice, Orphanage Budkov, DD Boskovice, Brno Children’s Home, Orphanage Býchory, whom we thank for their cooperation. At the same time, the consultations took place with three other applicants for mediation visits to children in the next term. Another visit will take place in June. We want to thank all individual donors, sponsors, social workers in children’s facilities and of course the staff form the prison Světlá nad Sázavou.

To ensure this project (financially, or for example by provision of transport for children to the prison), you can find the information here: http://www.helcom.cz/cs/en/podporuji-nas/

Visit for more information about the project here: http://www.helcom.cz/cs/en/co-delame/projektova-cinnost/deti-veznenych-rodicu/

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