Boys Michaláková could learn Czech. Intercourse with his mother but will continue sporadic!

Because the case Evy Michalákové that the Norwegian authority to protect children went two sons, brought together representatives of Czech and Norwegian side. For one liter Czech Office for International Legal Protection of Children. The negotiations resulted in a promise to negotiate the possibility of Czech language lessons for both brothers, while in English could also take place meeting mothers with children. Norwegian authorities also satisfy themselves that in similar cases usually not up for adoption. The situation remains unclear regarding the frequency of meetings of mothers with children. According to the final decision would be seeing only twice a year for fifteen minutes. According to the Norwegian side contact strict limitations are systematically less common in Norway and reflect the seriousness of the case. Pointed out that the current treatment regime is set to a final decision and its reversal can occur in the context of the ongoing review of the case. The Norwegian authorities involved in the current negotiations stated that the proceedings can not interfere instance.

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