Children as Actors for Transforming Society Safe Together – working to end violence against children

On 30th July until 5th August will be organized CATS event in Caux, Switzerland. This event aims to  bring collaboration between children (2-18) and adults and to equip and empower them to take action against all forms of violence affecting children. Up to one billion children around the world have experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence in the past year according to the World Health Organization. The negative effects follow many of them into adulthood. Because of it is imporant to take action and protect the children.

Below is list of topics which will be discussed:
– Different forms of violence affecting children (physical, sexual, emotional)
-Critical issues related to violence against children across countries/regions
-Children as victims, bystanders, confronters and perpetrators
-Strategies engaging children in combating all forms of violence
-International mechanisms and initiatives_Pathways to safety (inclusion, peace, well-being, participation, etc)
-Community engagement and multi-stakeholder partnerships to end violence against children


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