Chalánková not preclude actions for Norway under the European Convention on Human Rights

Member of Parliament Jitka Chalánková, has followed the scandal, said Wednesday that it was ready to call the Chamber of Deputies to consider international action for Norway under the European Convention on Human Rights.

As a personal participant in yesterday’s meeting with officials Barnevernu I frankly appalled,” responded that the social worker at the meeting with the mother still has tightened the conditions of contact with children.

MP stressed that it was Barnevern who failed to comply with existing rules applicable, if the mother did not allow last year two meetings.

Explicitly mother threatened adoptions if it does not issue passports of both boys. I certify that the repeated calls of family solicitors officials did not explain the reasons, children must continue to grow up in foster care, in addition separately in two Norwegian families, “said Chalánková.

Chamber of Deputies Sobotka government imposed last December, to make every effort to return the boys to the Czech Republic, if the Norwegian side wanted to collaborate on custody of their Czech relatives.

The cabinet has also asked why the boys stay with foster parents and live separately in two substitute families, when allegations fell.

Member of Parliament Chalánková expects from Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, that until 15 February informs the Chamber of Deputies, as Norwegian Prime Minister responded to questions raised by the Czech government.

Under the initiative in the matter praised the Foreign Ministry for inaction on the contrary, criticizing Minister Jiří Diensbier that has respect for human rights issues to worry about.

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