Czech Helsinki Committee, along with other foreign non-profit organizations and personalities such as Sergei Kovalev appealed to the Federal Broadcasting Council of Governors (BBG) to end discrimination against employees of Radio Free Europe in Prague

After an unsuccessful addressing Prime Minister B. Sobotka Czech Helsinki Committee requested the assistance of the Minister of Foreign Affairs L. Zaorálek to at least one of its functions planted an amicable settlement of two former employees of Radio Free Europe. After more than two months, Czech Helsinki Committee has not yet received any response.

At the same time the beginning of July approached Czech Helsinki Committee for more than thirty international human rights organizations to support its efforts and sent her a letter on behalf of the Federal Broadcasting Council of Governors (BBG) to end discrimination against employees Radio Free Europe (RFE / RL) in Prague, who come the so-called. third countries (most of the countries of the former Soviet Union), according to which the disputed interpretation of Czech courts not apply protection Czech or US laws. Previous letters Czech Helsinki Committee sent BBG in this case were in fact totally ignored.

The appeal has joined the legendary Russian human rights defender Sergei Kovalev, who sent their protest email BBG Chairman Jeff Shellimu and Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Richard Stengel, representing the Minister of Foreign Affairs John Kerry at meetings BBG. The protest letter sent these additional organizations: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Foundation Open Dialog Poland-Ukraine, Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan, Institute for Peace and Democracy, Association Droits de L’Homme en Asia Centrale, The International Association of Independent Democrats against authoritarian Regimes, Information Centre Caucasus Central Europe.

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