Czech government resists wave of migration from Syria

Interior Minister Milan Chovanec is an effort to curb the impending migration wave of Syrian refugees in Europe suggests that the Government of the Czech Republic financially supported solutions directly in Syria, or in neighboring countries where refugees are resorting to safety. It should therefore arise program “to assist refugees in regions of origin and prevention of large migratory movements“.

On his account had to start this year landed 100 million. In the coming years, this amount should be part of the budget of the Ministry of Interior. The proposal is to deal with the government next week.

Such a solution will have a positive impact on the subsequent migration pressures towards the EU, provide protection and livelihoods of refugees who simultaneously for conflict or disaster does not lose contact with the homeland and do not have to take the risk and often exhausting trips to Europe‘s safety,” explained Interior its proposal, which is available in Právo newspaper.

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