Time to solve the problem of immigration, we have

After the terrorist attack on the editors of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo Europe even more discussion about the problems with immigrants.

Our advantage is that we not only hundreds of immigrants coming year. At the moment it will be tens of thousands, as in other countries, then start thinking about solutions will be too late. We have to act very quickly, but we have relative freedom that we still have some time, “says Secretary of State for European Affairs Prouza.

The cartoon is no weapon, nor does it have the power to be able to significantly close to those at which it is directed,” he said in radio broadcast MP Úsvit movement and former ambassador to Indonesia, Milan Šarapatka.

According to him, it is not possible positions of the European tradition of free speech retreat, “we must not be intimidated. Against evil must build a strong defense, and you need to defend yourself.

French MEP sees the crisis as an issue of immigration itself. Immigrants who came in the second half of the 20th century in France, were very loyal gastarbajtry and not assimilation life in France, no problem.”

The problem occurred in their children and grandchildren who were born in France, were its citizens, but did not get the same opportunities,” says Šarapatka.

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