Czech Helsinki Committee lobbying ministers regarding granting asylum to Chinese Christians

CHC chairwoman Táňa Fischerová sent a letter last week, Foreign Minister L. Zaorálek and Interior Minister M. Chovanec on the situation of Chinese Christians who are applying for asylum in the Czech Republic.

The reaction of the two ministers will again inform you on our website and facebook.

The open letter is available for download in PDF format here.

Press Release: Opinion CHC to the prolonged detention of Martin Ignačák sentenced for attempted terrorist act

Czech Helsinki Committee, a non-governmental organization Human Rights (CHC) believes
that the prolonged detention in general must be a substantial reason. Martin Ignačák was already in April 2016 the Prague Municipal Court released from custody because he vouched for him Sister Paul.

Following a complaint by the prosecutor Prague High Court quashed the decision, leaving M. Ignačák in custody. Martin Ignačák promised to run away and escape may be the sole reason for the extension of custody because of influencing witnesses or continuation of criminal activity out of the question. We believe that extending detention Martin Ignačák is wrong and that he should be tried in freedom as much as his colleagues. The more so that the main accused is at large.

Bureau for CHC

Táňa Fischerová

Chair of the CHC

The press release is available for download in PDF format here.

On June 21, 2016 was successfully held the second visit of children assisted in prison Velke Prilepy

CHC children and their escorts secured and paid for transportation from foster home to the prison, while a representative of CHC Lucie Rybová children escorted to the prison, where they assisted during the visit. Visits Prison Prilep participated in four children aged 2 to 13 years and two convicts mother.

Thank guards’ prison for the kind assistance to children and staff when entering the prison and the prison management for their helpfulness and understanding some of the issues around that group entry children often despite all the preparation occur (eg. the lack of evidence for child visitors) or complications in bringing different types of toys (including refreshments), which are necessary tools to promote positive perceptions of children from throughout the visit and for the negative experiences of children associated with entry (fear of signaling sounds of metal detectors and the scanners at the entrance, a number of bars and guards at the passage etc.).

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