Chemnitz Protests Show New Strength of Germany’s Far Right

Policy of Angela Merkel divided Germans into two groups. One group supports her policy and the other group thinks that Merkel’s administration had lost control of the situation. According to officials and sociologists is the support of far-right party Alternative for Germany  as well as the number of neo-Nazis higher and higher. This could be also seen during the protest in Chemnitz, in the German state of Saxony, when thousands of anti-migration protesters were demonstratig their anti-migration stance, as a response to the stabbing of the one Chemnitz´s citizen by two immigrants from Iraq and Syria in the morning of 26 August 2018.

 Some people say that protest in Chemnitz has become a test of Germany’s postwar democracy. The same opinion shares also the mayor of Chemnitz, Barbara Ludwig: „“They are challenging our democratic state in a way they have not done before. We must pass their test.“

Benjamin Jahn Zschocke, a leading member of Pro Chemnitz, the nationalist citizens’ movement that registered Monday’s march in Chemnitz, described the week’s events as a turning point. And just as in 1989, when thousands  people took to the streets to demand the end of Communism, this week’s marches were aimed at bringing down a “failed system,” he said and added: „ People were sick of the system then and now they are sick of the system again.”


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