Building ways to help end poverty

Bradford charity QED, which was established 28 years ago aims to improve the lifes of people living in poor countries through training and employment services, equal opportunities projects and campaigns. It t has raised and invested more than £16 million directly into helping at least 35,000 people but its influence is much wider.

Nowdays is QED focused on Pakistan. QED founder and chief executive, Mohammed Ali, says: “About 60 per cent of Pakistan’s 210 million people live below the poverty line. Trying to survive on less than £1.50 a day means they cannot even buy enough food to supply their minimum required calorie intake.” In Pakistan is besided also a problem, that with 70 per cent of its population with age under 30 is not the country able to provide enough work, which lead to the fact, that many young peaple decide to leave the country. “We know the only long-term solution is to help people gain the qualifications they need to find jobs or set up their own businesses and social enterprises.”

QED also aims to help the most disadvantaged peopl, such as orphans or sigle mother through Poverty Alleviation Scholarships foundation (PAS).

“As well as enabling our students to gain nationally and internationally recognised qualifications, we support them to find a job or set up a business. PAS empowers people to learn the skills they need to earn a living, instead of relying on gifts and donations to survive. And because we encourage self-reliance and independence, we also help to build sustainable and resilient communities“ said Mohammed Ali.


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